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      About EPO

      Incorporation, engineering and urban development.

      With high expertise in the sector, the Construction Company EPO stands out in the real state market of Minas Gerais. It has business units, with different teams acting in an adequate and autonomous manner, offering the most complete solution for the customer’s needs.

      Since 1992, each work, service and development has been guided by important pillars, which reflect the success of our launches and the satisfaction of each buyer. Know more! 

      About EPO

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        Why do we exist

        Innovate with quality and improve lives.


        Where we want to reach

        Be one of the best companies in the segment.


        How we operate and what we deliver

        Apply innovative quality solutions in real state business to improve people’s lives.


        How we act

        • Act with ethics, integrity and credibility.
        • Respect people and processes.
        • Attend and serve with spirituality.
        • Be proactive and agile.
        • Have humility and determination.
        • Do it with creativity and flexibility.
        • Be committed, focused on results.

        Business Segments

        Business Segments


        EPO has an extensive and complete portfolio of developments, where each product stands out for its unique and innovative design. All projects are thought out and planned down to the smallest detail so that, in addition to meeting the needs of our customers, they improve the quality of life and provide a unique experience for each one.

        Urban Development

        With high expertise in the sector, EPO operates in the development of neighborhoods and subdivisions of large plots of land.

        Provision of work service

        Based on your project, EPO builds, manage and execute the house or headquarters for your company.

        Always investing in improvements

        Grupo EPO QUalidade Certificada

        Our policy is the continuous improvement of the management system to generate results with excellence, by meeting the requirements applicable to business, focusing on customer satisfaction, combined with sustainability.

        The EPO Group proves its quality through ISO 9001 certification and approval with level A in the Brazilian Habitat Quality and Productivity Program (PBPQ-H). To ensure good results, EPO invests in the standardization of its services, using a pioneering method of organizing the work, divided into four phases: gold, brown, green and white. In each of them, a stage of the development is carried out: planning, earthworks, assembly and finishing, respectively.

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